Glaser Center for Grounded Theory

The Glaser Center for Grounded Theory trains, mentors, supports and connects students, faculty, and researchers worldwide who are learning and using grounded theory.

Remembering & Honoring
Dr. Barney Glaser

Glaser Memorial

Dr. Barney Glaser developed grounded theory with Dr. Anselm Strauss in the 1960s. For over 50 years, Dr. Glaser wrote about and mentored many students and researchers learning grounded theory. He touched the lives of many students and researchers. As we mourn his loss, this is an area for you to share how he has touched your life.

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Glaser Memorial Fund

The Institute for Research and Theory Methodologies has established a Dr. Barney Glaser Memorial Fund. Donations are used to fund grants for classic grounded theory studies. US donations are tax-deductible. Donations through Paypal can be made using the button below, or you can contact us at for other ways of making a donation.


Adding Classic Grounded Theory to Your Researcher's Toolbox

Hear about adding classic grounded theory to your "researcher's toolbox" from Dr. Odis Simmons.


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2022 Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference

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Classic Grounded Theory Researcher Support Sessions

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Individual Classic Grounded Theory Research Mentoring

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Grounded Theory Review

The Grounded Theory Review is an interdisciplinary, online academic journal for the advancement of classic grounded theory and scholarship.

Research Communities

For additional support and resources, join the RTM Research Community and the Grounded Theory Research Community.


Grounded Theory Research Community

The Grounded Theory Research Community is an online community of students, faculty, and researchers who are interested in learning and using grounded theory. Through this community, you will have the opportunity to connect with people all around the world who are interested in grounded theory research.