Institute for Research & Theory Methodologies

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship and Doctoral Research Fellowship in Qualitative Research & Grounded Theory

Current Options

Classic Grounded Theory

Classic grounded theory is a research method used to generate theory about patterns of human behavior that is grounded in data.


Phenomenology is a research method used to describe and explain people's lived experience of a phenomena.


Year 1

The first year will include training in the research method while participants develop their research protocol. In addition, the program includes monthly readings and video conference calls where participants will meet in small groups to discuss the reading and the development of their research protocol with a research mentor with expertise in the specific research method.

Year 2

During the second year, participants conduct their research and write an article for publication. Participants continue to have support of an research mentor. Participants will also participate in events hosted by RTM, including conferences, symposiums, and webinars.

Application Process


The first step is to fill out a simple online application.

Online Application

Other Materials

After you have completed the application,  you will send a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and a copy of your dissertation or thesis (if applying for the post doc) or dissertation or thesis proposal (if applying for the doctoral fellowship). 


Year 1 costs $2400 USD payable over 3 payments. A monthly payment plan is also available.

Year 2 costs $1200 USD payable over 3 payments. A monthly payment plan is also available.