2024 International Congress - Qualitative Research and Theory Methodologies (ic-QRTM)

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Valid Till: 2024-11-25



The 2024 International Congress for Qualitative Research and Theory Methodologies (ic-QRTM) is an opportunity for students, faculty, and researchers worldwide to gather virtually to learn and share about qualitative, multi-method, mixed-method, and grounded theory research. This year’s theme is “Bridging the Gap - Fostering Research Excellence through Education and Experience.” There will be strands on:

  • Research Desing and Methods: These sessions provide information on conducting research using qualitative methods, multi-method, mixed-method, or grounded theory research. They can also focus on research methods, research education, and fostering research excellence. Formats include presentations sessions, workshops, panels, and Q&A.
  • Research Study Presentations: These sessions focus on the results of research studies using qualitative methods, multi-method, mixed-method, or grounded theory research.
  • Posters and Developmental Papers: Posters and Developmental Papers present proposals or work-in-progress  
  • Building Community. These sessions are specifically designed to facilitate building relationships among ic-QRTM attendees.  

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