RTM Visiting Researchers & Scholars

The purpose of the RTM Visiting Researchers and Scholars Program is to provide researchers and scholars a place to engage in research and scholarship in a supportive environment. We each work on our own research, writing, and presentations, but provide encouragement and support to each other.

We recognize that while research and scholarship are often important to our current or future careers, we often do not have much support in our places of employment. The RTM Visiting Researchers and Scholars Program is designed to provide you with a support system for your research and scholarship.

RTM also provides a forum to communicate with other visiting researchers and scholars both asynchronously and through monthly conference calls. RTM will provide an email address and OneDrive for each researcher/scholar to use. Visiting researchers and scholars will also be invited to present their research at RTM events. As RTM coordinates research and scholarship projects, visiting researchers and scholars will also be invited to participate.

Visiting Researchers and Scholars should have earned a terminal degree, be actively engaged in research and scholarship, and be willing to list RTM as an association on your publications.



Fill out an brief application.



Once we review your application, we will schedule a call with you to discuss your research and scholarship plans.


Once accepted, we will ask you for a photo and brief bio for our website and to highlight you on our social media. We will also set up your email address. We will also provide the information for the monthly Visiting Researchers and Scholar Roundtable conference calls.