Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference

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Language: English

Instructors: Hosted by RTM

Valid Till: 2022-06-30



Join us at the 2nd annual Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference April 29-May 1, 2022. This year’s conference will have five tracks: Learning Classic Grounded Theory, Presenting Classic Grounded Theories, Applying Classic Grounded Theory, Exploring Other Methods and Posters. There will be synchronous and asynchronous sessions available. The current schedule of presentations can be seen HERE.


The Learning Classic Grounded Theory track will provide an overview of classic grounded theory and each step of the process of conducting a study from start to finish. This track will be useful for novice and student researchers, academics who are interested in learning more about the method, and dissertation committee members who are serving on dissertations using classic grounded theory.


The Presenting Classic Grounded Theories track aims to bring together researchers and research scholars to share their experiences and research results from a variety of academic disciplines. These sessions will focus on the theories generated from classic grounded theory research.


The Applying track will provide researchers and practitioners an opportunity to present sessions on how they have applied grounded theory. As Glaser (2014) stated, "to be applied a GT must fit the area to be applied, must be relevant to the people applied to, must be understandable to the people in the area applied must be sufficiently general, and must give the applier some control."

Other Methods

The Exploring Other Methods track is an opportunity to explore some other methods of conducting research. This year we have speakers who are focusing on using art in research and phenomenology.


The Poster track provides researchers the opportunity to share their research in poster form. Conference participants will have the opportunity to sample a variety of research by reviewing the posters and watching short pre-recorded presentations on the poster presented by the researcher.


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