Writing for Publication Webinar

Language: English

Instructors: Hosted by RTM

Valid Till: 2023-07-15


“Writing Up Your Research” 

Writing up your research for publication is a critical step in conducting research. This webinar will walk participants through a set of practices (informed by research on writing) about how to move from research to publication. The session will cover practices such as:

  • Working in small chunks on a regular basis (daily or several times per week) 
  • Setting goals for writing at each session 
  • Maintaining a productive writing space 
  • Separating drafting, revising, and editing 
  • Soliciting feedback 
  • Checking requirements before submitting

Whether you are writing up your research for your dissertation or a journal article, identifying some general practices that can be adapted to particular situations can be helpful.  


Join us on Sunday, June 4, 2023, at 3 pm PT for this free webinar on Writing Up Your Research. A recording of the Webinar will be available until July 15, 2023.   


About the Speaker:

Ryan J. Dippre is an Associate Professor of English and Director of College Composition at the University of Maine.  He studies writing through the lifespan, writing program administration, and the teaching of writing. He is the co-chair (with Talinn Phillips of Ohio University) of the Writing through the Lifespan Collaboration (lifespanwriting.org), and co-editor of the Lifespan Writing Research book series.  His book, Talk, Tools, and Texts: A Logic-in-Use for Studying Lifespan Literate Action Development and co-edited collection, Approaches to Lifespan Writing Research: Generating an Actionable Coherence, are available open-access at the WAC Clearinghouse (wac.colostate.edu).  He lives in Maine with his wife and son.

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